A History of Success

Profluent is the life work of Michael Drew. He has established himself as a leader in building marketing and branding platforms to deliver strategy, content creation and platform services to businesses and authors.

We Build Marketing & Technology Platforms

Your platform is your ability to be heard, understood, and move people to take action.

Your platform is the sum total of how you communicate with the world. It is all the physical and digital assets (website, social media, books, apps, store locations, communities) that help you amplify and multiply your message.

Platformology can assist you in building a platform that cannot be ignored.

Why Build a Platform?

In today’s high-speed society, our attention and time are limited, and each of us is bombarded with media, content, and advertising everywhere we look, scroll, and tap. It seems everyone begs for our attention.

And we are more distracted than ever. Gadgets, games, and apps are everywhere. We have more music, television channels, radio stations, podcasts, books, websites, articles, magazines than ever before. More news sites, blogs, and, of course, social media.

That is the environment where your voice is competing with others, so what you say, how you say it, where and when you say things matter.

Because you can’t be everywhere at once your platform must provide visibility into your message and your brand for whoever seeks it. Your platform must also amplify your message to reach others by taking advantage of social media sharing, media channels(offline and online), and other engagement tools.

Finally, your platform must help you create connections with your followers and fans, and help them forge connections with each other.

Build a Better Platform

Profluent works with clients to build smart and efficient marketing and technology platforms to build and grow their businesses and brands.

Let us show you what we can do for you and your vision. When you contact us expect a prompt response as we first want to help you find the answers you seek. We will never harass you with sales pitches and decks and of course, we will never share your data with anyone.