Here are a few people who have really knocked the ball out of the park with their title.

Working with dozens of authors we’ve enjoyed an unparalleled track record, propelling 99 out of 99 books onto national best-seller lists. (Yes, we know—-we need to update our graphic below—but we’re busy marketing books to the Lists!)

99 out of 99 Books Onto National Bestseller Lists.

The authors range from super-successful advertising iconoclasts to masters of networking, from remarkable financial gurus to innovative internet marketers, from one-of-a-kind entrepreneurs to outspoken CEOs — all types of voices with all kinds of messages, a wide variety of authors who wrote books that found a wide audience for their message. Thanks to their cleverly planned campaign, their businesses have increased, they’ve raised their profiles, they’ve been able to become speakers, lead seminars, diversify the work they do, and continue to make a difference.

Here are three case studies for a few of the authors who worked hard, planned well and saw great business success. With each, the start was making sure his or her message was clearly marketable, and then creating an individual campaign that gave each author the platform he or she needed to grow.

Roy H. Williams

Wizard of Ads
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Ivan Misner

Masters of Networking
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Jordan Rubin

The Maker's Diet
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