What Do You Mean by Voice?

Your voice is your message. It is your “sword in the stone,” the thing that makes your message, your company, your product unique and valuable.

How clear is your message? Is it being heard and understood? How is what you say, what you write, what you do being amplified and shared? These are all aspects of what we call voice. And these are how we can help you: be heard, understood, amplified and shared.

Giving you a voice is what we do. Every service we offer is about helping you create your voice, amplify your voice, and multiply your voice.

Don’t I Already Have a Voice?

Everyone has a voice. It's not simply what you use to speak or to sing. Your voice is the manifestation of your commitment to your ideas, your message, your services or systems, to your way of looking at the world, to your plans for changing it. Your voice is your books, your videos, your online presence, your podcasts, your articles, blogs, newsletters, interviews. It's how you are you to the people you want to attract as readers, listeners and customers.

The thing is, though – not all people know how to use their voice. Sometimes it's because they haven't figured out exactly what it is they want to say, or what sets them apart. They have great ideas but they need someone who can not only give them perspective on those ideas and on their strengths, but who can help them focus on those strengths and create the instrument to share those ideas: their voice.

Can I Amplify and Multiply My Voice?

You can be heard – you should be heard. And with ProFluent at your side, you will be heard. It's all a matter of finding the right medium for your message. It's a matter of organizing your thoughts and how you present yourself so that what you say, and how you say it, become effective tools for representing who you are.

Ways We Can Help

ProFluent has a team of experts who can help crystallize your message and, more important, help amplify how you spread your message so that you're actually heard. We live in a world of instant and constant distraction, with a chaos of information assaulting us. We are skilled in training, in finding the right approach to cutting through the blur so that you can stand out.

We do this through our proven uncovery methods, where we dig deep into your motivations, your goals, your ideas – and your audience or customers – to uncover insights about what really makes you tick and what your message really is.

We do this through our unparalleled marketing prowess, through our writing, our video and audio production, our approach to social media, our astute analysis of what works and our profound understanding of human psychology and personality types that help us to help you shape how you disseminate your message.

What Clients Are Saying

"If you’ve authored a great book that deserves to be a best seller, put Michael Drew on your team! What makes me so sure? My most recent book, Secrets of VITO: Think and Sell Like a CEO, was promoted to best seller status with the help of his ideas, system, and work!"

"You believe in your ideas so much that you wrote a book. Now what? Turn it over to some publisher, who will give it the old ‘ho-hum, hope it works’ treatment? Your ideas are so good that you want them to dominate the market, to become the #1 bestseller in its class, right? Then go to Promote A Book and beg Michael Drew to take on your cause, your book. Michael did an outrageous job with the nitty gritty work to get my book, Marketing Outrageously, onto the best-sellers list."