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Get Help To Publish

What Publishers Do and Don't Do

Publishers have three core functions and take all the financial risks—involving accounting, publishing, distribution, and royalties. The three core functions are listed below.

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Commit To Making Your Book A Best-Seller

Commit To Making Your Book A Best-Seller

Market Testing Your Network

Market Testing Your Network

Get Your Book Published and Make It a Bestseller

Seeing Your Book At Barnes Noble

Every author aspires to spread your message and raise your profile. A huge symbolic part of that is seeing your book on the shelves at your local Barnes & Noble—and every other bookstore for that matter.

Seeing Your Book At Barnes Noble

Can We Represent You To A Publisher

In many situations, nothing less than a full-blown literary agent will do. If you are not already engaging us to take a run at the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or USA Today Bestseller Lists, then you are solidly in one of those situations.

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Understanding Distribution

The first and perhaps most astonishing thing to learn about book distribution is that all the books you see on the shelves at the bookstore are there on consignment.

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How You Publish Matters More Than You Think

Planning The Transitions

Inside the publishing and book promotion industries sits a horrible case of wishful thinking and assumptions built into at least three major transitions.

Plan Your Transitions

Pab vs. Just Get a Publisher

Many types of “Author University” and “Author 101” courses and events purport to show the ropes to aspiring authors in terms of how to navigate the publishing world and achieve success.

Pab vs. Just Get a Publisher

Traditional PR and Publishing

Mass media still matters. And no one gets your book the mass media coverage it needs like a public relations firm. Here’s what you need to know.

Traditional PR

What Success Means to You

What Clients Are Saying

"I asked Michael Drew to help me with promoting my book, Masters of Networking, and he comes up with a world record in book marketing! Because of Michael, we broke the world record for most book signings in more than one city on the same day (56 cities). He can out-brainstorm, he can out-manage, he can out-plan, and he can out-do anybody I know in book marketing."

"You believe in your ideas so much that you wrote a book. Now what? Turn it over to some publisher, who will give it the old ‘ho-hum, hope it works’ treatment? Your ideas are so good that you want them to dominate the market, to become the #1 bestseller in its class, right? Then go to Promote A Book and beg Michael Drew to take on your cause, your book. Michael did an outrageous job with the nitty gritty work to get my book, Marketing Outrageously, onto the best-sellers list."