Best-seller Campaigns

Sell your book onto the bestseller lists with 100% success. Choose from Major List, Amazon, and Kindle Campaigns.

Make Your Book A Bestseller

Hope Your Book Will Be A Viral, Runaway Bestseller? Replace Hope With Strategy!

Hit it out of the park with major bestseller list

Your Bestseller Uncovery

Uncovery lays the foundation for sales by strengthening and focusing marketing, bolstering your platform, and identifying, growing, and leveraging your audience—all leading your great book toward great sales.

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Wall Street Journal/USA Today Best-Seller Campaign

Each national bestseller list is important, and each bestseller list is different. The Wall Street Journal and USA Today use different methods to determine bestsellers than the New York Times does. We tailor our marketing of your book to reach each of the lists.

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New York Times Best-Seller Campaign

The New York Times bestseller list is the most prestigious and marketable bestseller list in the world. It is also the most difficult to reach. Knowing the criteria that the New York Times list measures can make the difference between not even making the list and prominently sitting atop the #1 spot. We know how to do that.

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One of the Best Credentials You Can Have

Gain the title “best-selling author” using modest resources, good strategy, and book promotion know-how. You bring resources. We bring strategy, relationships, and promotion to turn you into a best-selling author.

Be A Bestselling Author

Get Your Book the Credit It Deserves

Our campaigns focus on ensuring your hard-won sales are counted (not on sales manipulation). Because it’s not just how many sales you make—it’s how they’re counted. The easiest explanation for why is our infographic:

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The Business Case for a Best-Selling Book

A bestseller is one of the smartest moves for thought leaders and professionals, leading to increased demand, and the ability to charge higher rates and launch products or services to boost the bottom line.

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Make a Name, Make a Fortune, Make a Difference

Most authors are inspired by a dream for their work to make a name, make a fortune, and make a difference. Most nonfiction authors earn some on a book, but make more because of a book when it’s promoted right.

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