Choose sound strategy to secure book promotion victory. Promote A Book will create your battle plan for world domination.

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Book Planning Uncovery

Spend one or two days with the Michael Drew-trained team looking at best options for your book topic, turning your idea into a Big Idea, deciding an angle of approach, settling on your title and, with the two-day Uncovery, even laying out your outline. When you are done, you will be fully ready to complete your project.

Get help market testing your big Idea

Bestseller Uncovery

Spend two days with the #1 bestselling book strategist in the world, Michael R. Drew, to plan your strategy to focus your marketing, bolster your platform, and identify, grow and leverage your audience. You will come away with a written game plan to catapult your book to the bestseller lists.

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Free One on One Consult

In a day of strategy, you’ll market test your big idea, test your network, use our Rapid Content Creation to outline, and get input on what you’ve written.

Fully Plan Your Book

Hourly Consulting

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Phone Consulting

Whether you need information, advice to move forward, or just because you’re temporarily stuck, talk personally to one of three consultants, including Michael R. Drew. Get answers, get information, and get unstuck so you can move forward toward your best-selling dreams.

Move forward to bestseller status